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The hole impeller belongs to the valve type center exhaust shock, the discharge of the rock powder is good, reduces the rock slag's repeated crushing, reduces the drill bit wear, improves the drilling efficiency and other advantages.

The internal structure size of the new rock drill is designed to make the impactor obtain the ideal energy transfer, the single impact work is large, the drilling speed is faster and the air consumption is lower. High quality raw materials and advanced processing technology, more stable performance, longer life. Easy to remove, low fault, easy to maintain.

It is widely used in geotechnical engineering to penetrate the tough, tough and tough rocks of various medium hard and high hardness. The characteristics are as follows:

1. This kind of impeller design has a strong blower system, which can be used to discharge all the high pressure gas to make the hole bottom clean.

2. Hardened outer casing with hardened treatment can be used to adjust the head, so it can extend the replacement period. The design has the air plug, can be based on the rock hardness, wear resistance, can drill the different slag to adjust the air quantity, in order to achieve the excellent slag effect, thus achieve the high drilling efficiency;

3. The structure is simple, the parts are small, and the wear resistant parts are used, and the working time of the impactor is longer.

4. The front connector adopts multiple threads to connect with the outer cylinder. It is easier to remove the drill bit.

Scope of application:

Mine, quarry, road building and other engineering drilling holes, landslide protection, dam site reinforcement, anchoring and other engineering holes, air conditioning, hydrology, Wells and other fields.


Various types of impingers include: low air pressure impeller, medium air pressure shock, high wind pressure impeller, etc.



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