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Green mine] Guangdong, Jiangmen start green mine to create work in August before the rectification w


Recently, the reporter learned from the Jiangmen Municipal Bureau of land and resources, Jiangmen, according to the national standards for the construction of green mines, the development of detailed rules, and officially launched the green mine to create work. So far, Jiangmen has not yet a successful enterprise application. The company was included in the plan, it is necessary in August this year before acceptance. Jiangmen municipal government requires all mining enterprises to create green mines, but also encourage the mining enterprises to actively create and declare national green mine.
It is understood that the green mine construction should comply with the mining standardization, production process environmental protection, enterprise management standardization, mine construction, mine ecological village harmony of the five standards, the application scope of enterprises for opencast mining four City three areas, including the new legislation, there is still the continuation and mining period of mining enterprises more than 2 years.
Recently, the Jiangmen Municipal Bureau of land and resources in accordance with the "standards" of Jiangmen city green mines, to develop a detailed "Jiangmen green" rating scale of mine acceptance, acceptance standard covers mine environmental protection measures for the implementation of the 21 level two indexes. It is reported that the company was included in the plan, the need to complete the relevant work in August 2015 and passed the acceptance. Acceptance of the failure will require rectification, rectification is still not qualified, will take measures to stop production. In order to allow enterprises to clear the acceptance of the project, the relevant documents are also attached to the relevant scoring criteria, scoring more than 80 points qualified.
At the same time, to obtain the title of the green mine mine will be followed by inspection, usually once every six months, to the mine due to close. Found in the inspection according to the standard of green mine construction, mining production, requiring immediate rectification; if found illegal mining, environmental pollution treatment, in strict accordance with the relevant laws and regulations; 3 consecutive examinations were found according to the standard of green mine construction in mining and production, Jiangmen abolished the title of green mines.



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