Guangxi Mountain Machinery Equipment Co., Ltd. is Guangdong Shunde mountain heavy machinery Co., Ltd., the company's subsidiary referred to as". Started in 2003, is a company specializing in DTH Drill, mobile air compressor and its supporting parts, set research and development, manufacturing, sales and service as one of the emerging engineering machinery manufacturing enterprises

The first step of the drilling out of asia"


Kongshan heavy production of a new generation of KS668 crawler hydraulic drilling machine of the first successful African market in Ethiopia, which not only marks the mountain drill made a milepost type breakthrough, but also marks Kong Shan heavy industry to achieve with the great embodiment of the world.
Hole mountain heavy industry to research and innovation of products and technology as the foundation of this, just a few years, with the steady development of business strategy, with a unique brand concept occupy a space for one person in the country, the products were exported to Africa, has won the praise of customers, but this does not make Kong Shanzhong stop working, we should strive to heavy hole mountain a pilot drill industry, so that customers can use better products, better service.




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